Oh, I know – I’m only dreaming.

Last night my dream self went on a wild adventure.
I’m attempting to not write about creepy crawlies for once, so I’m reverting back to an old fave – sharing my dreams.


Last Night I dreamt I was at a Dolly Parton concert.
This isn’t entirely too outside of the box – because I am not so secretly a big time fan.

So there I am, listening to Dolly and she finishes her first song, of which one exactly I cannot remember, but it was a sing-a-long… she finishes and she walks around the crowd.

The ‘crowd’ consisted of a singular line of equally as excited fans standing on the edge of a round platform…
So I guess my heels where on the edge.

But what I wasn’t expecting was Dolly jumping in my face and yelling “BOO!”.
This of course gave me a terrible fright – and I fell off the platform.
Just me – the other’s didn’t fall off.
We obviously weren’t relying on each other ahaaa.

But because of my fall of suprise/excitement I was chosen to meet Dolly herself, and she was indeed lovely.
Here’s is what we looked like in my mind.

dolly parton and me

Dolly Parton and I after her show.

In the back room later, she invited me to join her on tour – obviously I was over the moon overjoyed.
Although, being the logical thinker I am, I said I would get back to her.

Somewhere between leaving Dolly (and I might be wrong, but I think Kenny was also there) I came to the realisation…

Dolly was actually an imposter. She was a fake dolly, an impersonator.
And what she really wanted was to steal all my money, so she snuck some of her finest silver in my bag so she could frame me.

Somewhere between me freaking out and emptying Dolly’s remnants from my bag and trying to hide I came to the realisation…

I was dreaming. There it is.
That glorious moment, when mid-dream you realise you aren’t in reality.
Dolly (inception version) had nothing on me when I slapped my dream self in the face and realised I was dreaming.
Then I pinched myself.
I realised – this is a dream. I can do whatever I want.

True to form – I woke up and somewhere during my journey to consciousness I forgot and became unaware of what I did in those precious moments when I realised I could do anything…
But I’m sure it was awesome.
Like that dream in 2011 (or something) where I realised Justin Beiber was actually a pretty cool guy as we drove along Lincoln Rd in my convertible…

I did it – a post that isn’t essentially about bugs.
Side note – I did my face merge in Paint. Yeah. Paint. That’s what you do when you don’t have photoshop.