About streetfightersarah.

I’m Sarah, otherwise known as Fletch or Flossy. 536482_10150812754364903_1814835583_n

Or streetfightersarah. Why, you ask?  First year, second semester of my Psychology degree I decided that I did not need to know what my lecturer’s were teaching me. My one uni friend and I decided that we did though, need to master the art of  street fighter (arcade game). So we would wag class, hit up the uni-bar and fight it out. It was a good competition, I used some sweet combo’s (half circle, half circle, 3-4 punches)- I used to get blisters. I think it was my flatmate of the time that first called me streetfighter, and it just stuck… I have contemplated making something a whole lot more serious… but it’s no biggie.

I’m Sarah
I love Jesus first and foremost. 

I live in Cambodia, I’m from New Zealand.
I’m still a lot bit crazy, and I can still make balloon animals.

I LOVE children- the driving force in me wanting to come to Cambodia.

I like crafting, especially if it involves-
+making things for people!

I like adventure, especially if it involves-
+jumping off things
+running around in a wetsuit for no apparent reason
+going somewhere with no reason or timeframe
+anything outdoors

I also enjoy the occasional computer game, learning new things (some would call it study…), reading and being alooone occasionally.

And if you still want more useless information –

Here is a quiz I found on my real awesome old email address (born2giggle2) – so I did it for a laugh: DO YOU LIKE YOUR HANDWRITING? I write sideways. It’s because I am left-handed. Usually when I write people ask me – “are you left-handed?” DO YOU HAVE KIDS? I have over 50 kids. Who I am absolutely besotted with, and thankfully- none of them actually came from me. I just like to love other peoples children. IF YOU WERE ANOTHER PERSON WOULD YOU BE FRIENDS WITH YOU? Yes. I think I am the funniest person alive. I would spend all day laughing… which is very similar to what I do anyway. WOULD YOU BUNGEE JUMP? No. Probably not. But I do love a good bandwagon… so if I was in the middle of a line of other people who all seriously didn’t want to jump I could probably do it. DO YOU THINK YOU ARE STRONG? They call me she-hulk. Once at Mitre10 I challenged the strongest glue in the shop – I won. WHAT IS YOUR FAVORITE ICE CREAM? I don’t actually like ice-cream. WHAT IS THE FIRST THING YOU NOTICE ABOUT PEOPLE? a smile. Generally I notice it more if it meets their eyes. WHO DO YOU MISS THE MOST? Nana, I don’t spend nearly as much time with her/talking to her as I would like too, but every moment with her is the best! DO YOU WANT EVERYONE TO SEND THIS BACK TO YOU? >>Please (ha!) FAVORITE SMELL? Oh, that smell of rain on hot tar-seal. Divine.

Ok, I’m bored with all these questions, and it’s doing a really rubbish job at actually telling you about me… I guess you will just have to read my blog.

🙂 Adios Amigos.