Crunchy critters and creepy crawlies. Ft. “food” critique…

This afternoon my work duty was sweeping in front of our house… in reality… this really just means herding ants and dust. The dust is normal (there is always dust everywhere)… it’s the… Continue reading

Balls and brief overviews

The split second the ball came flying through the basketball hoop I had raised above my head, I realised I was lacking in basic common sense… moments later it rebounds and smashed me… Continue reading

Be Still – Bethel Music

Be still my heart and know You are God alone Stop thinking so much and just let go Be still my soul and rest Humbly I confess, in my weakness your strength is… Continue reading

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    KIWI + 24years + FAITH + JOY + CRAZY + ADVENTURES = streetfightersarah. As you read - I implore you to come with a jovial mindset. As a rule (whether I want to or not) I tend to swing between serious musings, light sarcastic undertones or plainly stating things as they are! I like to look at the happy and positive in life, and poke fun at myself amongst that :) come along with me!

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