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Blog that’s not about – Videoing a reworded rendition of “Love is an open door” whilst simultaneously making random balloon animals…

So, I was stumped for ideas of what to write about. Then three things happened that sparked idea’s. -A friend said I should do the obvious and write about my week. -A friend… Continue reading

Balls and brief overviews

The split second the ball came flying through the basketball hoop I had raised above my head, I realised I was lacking in basic common sense… moments later it rebounds and smashed me… Continue reading

Laughing at life. A few moments of happiness.

BARTERING-  I tried to barter for a pillow case this morning. It went like this- Me- Good morning. Him- Hello Me- Pillow case? Him- Yes, how big. Me – Big Him- White or… Continue reading

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    KIWI + 24years + FAITH + JOY + CRAZY + ADVENTURES = streetfightersarah. As you read - I implore you to come with a jovial mindset. As a rule (whether I want to or not) I tend to swing between serious musings, light sarcastic undertones or plainly stating things as they are! I like to look at the happy and positive in life, and poke fun at myself amongst that :) come along with me!

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