Blog that’s not about – Videoing a reworded rendition of “Love is an open door” whilst simultaneously making random balloon animals…

So, I was stumped for ideas of what to write about.
Then three things happened that sparked idea’s.

-A friend said I should do the obvious and write about my week.
-A friend talked to me about making balloon animals.
-And love is an open door got stuck in my head.

So I made a split-second decision to combine the two most logical of my sporadic idea’s into one brilliant idea!!!

Videoing a reworded rendition of “Love is an open door” but (twist) be simultaneously be making random balloon animals…

After rewording my few favourite lines I realised the unenviable –
-its a duet.

As I am yet to find *spoiler alert* someone to ‘love’ me (or pretend to do so) just so I can cure my unquenchable desire to get married but he actually then is a dork… I can’t complete the blog of choice.

So I will go with my other option and just write about my week. (last week)
But if by chance- you know of anyone in South East Asia who is keen to do a duet with me please let me know before the month is out and I can complete the blog post titled – Videoing a reworded rendition of “Love is an open door” whilst simultaneously be making random balloon animals…

To take your mind off the repetitive Frozen song that’s potentially going through your head right now.
I encourage you to “click here” and listen to this track as I tell you a bit about my most recent week.
It will add a whole new dimension to how you perceive my week whilst talking your mind off the Frozen soundtrack.

A couple of topics over the past week I want to delve into.
Omelets, sitting on potplants, sparkles and numb tounges.

unnamedTopic One – Omelets. 
I have been working with KNGO for over a month now, (Khmer New Generation Organisation) a NGO in Battambang that works towards educating children in Bospo Village for children in the area.
My job has included English teaching then helping Organise the Sponsorship program.
Bospo village is a half hour ride from Battambang. This week I took over teaching 3 classes a day, which I love and I always end up making up silly references for each of my classes.
One class, instead of calling me ‘Nekru’ (teacher) they call me ‘Ch’mooh Omelet’ (your name is omelette)…
So when I was biking to the village the other day… a kid bikes up  behind me yelling “OMELET!”
Essientally, it became a joke when I said omelet more like Omilit. TO which is obviously HILARIOUS.
Another class always says “Oh” in an very proper high pitched english accent when they see me…

Why on earth do they want me teaching english I am still unsure. But it’s a blast. I’m just teaching them to speak in many different accents. My highlight is how sometimes when I bike home some of the KNGO kids bike with me and we just talk.

Topic 2 – Sitting on Pot plants. 
Incredible friends of mine have opened their doors (literally) to a bunch of kids in their village every evening who come and play games in their backyard. I am hoping to join them at least once a week to just hang out and love these kids. Last week it was awesome. We spent a couple of hours running around, throwing balls & playing with water! My heart was literally overflowing! I call this topic ‘sitting on pot plants’ because we were playing a wild game of on land ‘Marco Polo’ and a kid was trying to hide behind me. So being the caring fair player I am – I put him in front of me and jumped/fell backwards onto what I thought was grass, instead I landed right on the corner of a pot plant… So due to a wild game of Marco Polo, I ended up with a nice pointy bruise on my behind. Classy I know.

Topic 3 – Sparkles.
I was invited to a wedding, and I’ve been previously informed that you can never dress up too much for a Cambodian wedding – I took this literally and hired the most sparkliest, intensest dress I could possibly find, It’s amazing, you can just hire a dress for a weekend and they make fit perfectly!
I looked and felt like a disney princess…
It was honouring for me to even be invited, and apparently it is honouring to the couple if you dress up… I honoured the bride and groom to the absolute best of my ability.
10409213_10152834213690680_4092050925052966886_nKhmer wedding costume

Because I had visitors from Phnom Pehn and Siem Reap last week, I only went to the first part. Which includes the fruit walk. This consists of walking/standing in the blistering heat whilst carrying a vase like object full with food (I had apples). This is essentially a gift from (I might have this the wrong way) the wife’s family to the groom’s family.

Then they do this beautiful dance up the isles where they pick up the fruit from each person and pose with it.
Then we ate rice together whilst traditional Khmer music blasted from. It was awesome and beautiful. And the bride was SO STUNNING. I wish I was able to take photos (next time). This Khmer wedding was two days long (and you thought 2 hours ceremony was bad!)

Topic 4- Numb Tounges.
Firstly I have the most incredible group of Khmer friends, and make more daily.
I also have a few likeminded friends here, who understand what it means to live in another culture and the struggles and joys that come along with that.
When I say likeminded. I mean… I can convince them to do silly stuff like lick bug zappers and numb their tongues with me. They can also talk me out of doing even sillier stuff like buying a hamster… (which I had a ‘Melina’ around when me and my flatmates brought that Mouse a year ago…)
God is so good and I am so thankful.
It’s weird. I miss my home friends like crazy, and nobody can replace them.
But I now have a new place in my heart for my friends here – one that I don’t think could ever be filled by friends back home? I guess it’s kind of like having another child and loving them differently but the same… what do I know.
I digress.
Essentially I am so blessed to have incredible Khmer friends and Cambodian friends.

My heart is so happy, with joyful times with friends and being able to love kids all week.
There are so many more things I could write about – but we can save them for next week’s blog.

And keep one eye out for that video…

Lots of love xx